The White Buffalo and Chris Bathgate together in one room?! YESSSSS

One of the very most wonderful things is happening and you should not miss it at all. AT ALL. For one day only (Nov. 15), you will be able to see Chris Bathgate and The White Buffalo together in one night. Get your tickets to the 21+ Tractor Tavern show in Seattle ASAP to hear some of the very best music of your life!

Odds are, unless you’re a total folk music nerd like me, you don’t know who these guys are. Well LET ME TELL YOU. Actually, you can learn almost all you need to know about The White Buffalo from an article I wrote last year for Radio Free Chicago. Additionally, he’s got a brand new EP coming out this month as a little teaser to his next full-length album which drops in January! Not sure if you’ve noticed, but I’m a little excited. This guy is a major deal in my life because he’s just an excellent songwriter. Excellent. I don’t even have words anymore. You just have to listen.

Download “The Pilot” for free at his website.

And then there’s Bathgate. He released his marvelously elegant sophomore LP, “Salt Year,” back in April. The album does Michigan proud, as you can tell by Amber Valentine’s glowing review on Mezzic. Seattle is so fortunate to get a visit from this songsmith, and you’d do yourself a favor to take this rare opportunity to see him live in the Northwest.


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