Video Raid: The Hugs, ‘Shoe Swappin’

This wonderful little cartoon by Ben from the United Kingdom combines two things I love: The Hugs and robots! You may not know this, but I’m oft-suspected of being a robot myself. To my dismay, this is not true, as I remain reluctantly human … BUT if I was a robot, I would be the robot in the animated video for “Shoe Swappin’.”

I mean, it’s not really much of a stretch from how I am already. I may not have rocket-powered skates, but I am a pretty awesome third wheel. That’s why all my married friends always invite me out on their dates! I’m also that person who’s always trying to coerce people to leave their work/relationships/etc. to go out and do fun things. BECAUSE WHO DOESN’T LIKE FUN THINGS? Did I mention I’m almost 30? And recently quit my newspaper job of almost eight years to spend a whole month doing nothing?

Anyway, “Shoe Swappin'” is an awesome, cheery little tune from the Oregon quartet’s 2007 self-titled album. And I’m pretty sure it’s about fun things. Because just listen to it.

And look at these guys! They are the spittin' image of fun!


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