The ‘Guy on a Buffalo’ guys wanna record an album

The other night, I was hanging out with some friends. One of them asked us, “Have you seen ‘Guy on a Buffalo’?” We all agreed that we had not, so our friend whipped out his fancy iPadamajiggy and showed us this:

There are three more of these bad boys on YouTube!

Understandably, we were all laughing pretty hard while this was all happening, so the next morning, I went back on the YouTube to watch them all over again (No. 4 is my fave! “Put a stove on your foot!”) and discovered that the boys behind this brilliant narration are part of a Texas country-folk band called The Possum Posse. Furthermore, this group is currently running a Kickstarter campaign to release a full-length album in 2012. They’ve got a $12,000 goal to reach, so if you care about making awesome things happen, pledge some money to their cause.

Don't let this picture fool you. You're in for some major silliness.

One Comment to “The ‘Guy on a Buffalo’ guys wanna record an album”

  1. If you had asked Todd from like 7-8 years ago, I would have laughed at this as stupid and silly and never thought about it again. Because of such great music the last few years (Mumford and The Black Keys being the first that comes to mind) I will totally buy something from these dudes.


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