Brandon Schott releases dreamy ‘13 Satellites’ into pop music orbit

I have a very special appreciation for Brandon Schott‘s music, as I often am with music I’ve discovered all on my own. Not only is it good, but I didn’t need anybody to tell me it’s good! It was during one of my sweeps of iTunes new releases that I found the island-tinged “Good to Me” from his 2007 album, “Golden State.” It’s one of those songs you want to play on the beach at sunset with an umbrella drink in your hand.

Schott continues his tradition of feel-good music with his fourth full-length album, “13 Satellites.” People talk about wanting sincerity in their music; well, you will find all kinds of it here. This guy loves life, he’s passionate about his music, and there ain’t no bones about it. There’s an infectious buoyancy to every track bound to have you bopping your head in no time.

It’s impossible to miss the Beatles influence in Schott’s music. Think the mid-’60s “Rubber Soul,” “Revolver,” “Sgt. Pepper” phases of the Fab Four. “13 Satellites” would also appeal to fans of Guster, Jeremy Messersmith and “Head Trip in Every Key”-era Superdrag. You’re welcome.

This is an album for dreamers. At just a little over a minute long, “Build a Boat” is a sweet little uke tune about sharing time with a special someone in a rooftop watercraft. In “This is Home,” Schott waxes carefree about a rundown house, unpaid bills and the love that makes it all worthwhile — like a “Danny’s Song: Part II.”

Get swept away to the lion kingdom with some exotic instrumentation on “Flowers Fading,” as notes paint sun glints and gentle breezes through tall grass in your mind’s eye. As if those songs weren’t notable enough, I do believe I detect an underlying kazoo on “Louise St.” (not to mention a ridiculously fun assortment of percussion), and he’s just hit my hidden soft spot.


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