Snag something synthy by Little Bark at Bandcamp

If you haven’t heard of New Zealand pop artist Sophie Burbery, you probably also haven’t heard about her alter-ego Little Bark. A dreamy, sassy and peppy set of songs makes up Little Bark’s free EP* on Bandcamp.

“Hope is Rubbery” is here to party, ideally under the gleam of a lit-up mirror ball and dressed in a shiny pair of leggings. That much is obvious by the dance-pop synths opening the album on “Party.” From the beginning, you’ll be taken back to Cyndi Lauper’s ’80s, when bangle bracelets, hairspray and leg warmers reigned supreme. Head further into “Hope is Rubbery,” however, and you’ll hear various changes in tone before the end, closing with “Wind Up Bird,” reminiscent at times of the Eurythmics.

A good way to describe Little Bark’s music is to wordlessly put on a Kylie Minogue record. But as apt a comparison as it may be, these tunes definitely have their own synthfully delicious signature to reckon with. Quirky and creative, Burbery’s songs would make a fun addition to any library. Allow these cardboard woodland creatures to convince you!

I call the big one Bitey!

*Note: Since original writing of this review, Sophie added six more songs to this album! That makes it a total of 11 free songs now! Even better!


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