My jam of summer 2011 is now a YouTube video!

Generationals‘ album “Actor-Caster” (which apparently you can get for $4.59 right now!) came out just at the start of spring this year, as a ground covered in snow and sand gave way to green grasses and tulips and all sorts of other pretty happy things. “Astor-Castor” had the makings of a perfect summer album, and “Yours Forever,” the perfect summer single.

Today, Generationals posted a link on Twitter to a brand new video for the song that allows my jam of the summer to continue into being my jam of Halloween, with the appearance of a beloved old movie creature of mine romancing a moody bathing beauty.

My friend, Chris Braak, who is currently posting a series about what he calls the “Eigen League of Monsters,” coincidentally put this up today. It is gettin’ ALL Black Lagoon up in this joint today.

Is it wrong that I often fantasize about the Creature from the Black Lagoon after seeing this photo?

The video also reminds me of Sea Wolf’s video for “Wicked Blood,” in which Shannyn Sossamon is charmed by a very hirsute spaceman. The story of a beautiful human woman falling in love with a hideous creature is one of my favorites, and never ever gets old. Maybe the only reason I’ve never known true love is because MY hideous creature has yet to come along.


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