Skill, talent, magic — call it what you will, Gundersen’s got it

I am fairly new to Noah Gundersen. At this year’s Sasquatch! Music Festival, he sang some Radiohead songs with the Seattle Rock Orchestra. His name sounded so familiar, and even after finding out he was in a band called The Courage, I still couldn’t put my finger on where I recognized it from. Sometimes that’s the way it goes with local artists. You’re gonna eventually hear their names somewhere, but they’ll only really stick once you hear what they can do.

With long hair and sunglasses, he even looked familiar to me — like a rock star I should definitely know of … that EVERYONE should know of. And damned if I wasn’t right. Sort of.

So, he’s not exactly a “rock star.” Gundersen dabbles more in the folk aspect of music. But what I was dead-on about is that everyone should know of him, because he’s one of those rare guys who comes along and you’d swear he’s got you under some kind of spell. Your jaw drops at every note he plays, like he’s some kind of great god of guitars. It’s not even clear what’s so amazing about it, but I guess it’s kind of hard to reason when your mind’s been blown apart.

After arriving home from the festival, I learned I had one song of his from Burning Building Recordings’ “We Love This Comp, Vol. I.”

Then I went to Bandcamp and found this:

Then in August, he released an EP called “Family” which I of course downloaded immediately. Gundersen performs and records often with his sister Abby (hey, that’s MY name!) and lives in Seattle and is influenced by some of folk music’s best — you know, Dylan, Young, etc.  But whatever Gundersen’s got and what he does with it comes straight from within. He’s just got music pumping through his veins. There’s no other explanation for stuff this good.


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