Rivulets’ new album is the perfect accompaniment to a rainy day

I awoke this morning to the sounds of cars rolling across rain-soaked pavement. It’s that time of year, when I can actually go outside without squinting because the light is muted by precipitation. Even winter is sometimes too bright for my eyes, but fall was made for the fair-featured lot.

In anticipation of such a morning, I’ve been falling asleep each night with the gloomy sound of Rivulets“We’re Fucked” in my ears.

Nathan Amundson’s latest album is more ambiance than music. It conjures images, feelings and memories rather than engaging the ears, meaning it’s aiming for something deeper and hitting the target.

Many tracks on the album are serene throughout, relying mostly on Amundson’s wicker voice and gravelly guitar. However, the songs that make the best earmarks are those slow-burners that open soft and built into a torrent. “Everybody’s on the Run” is one of the most musical examples, beginning its climb in volume early on until the drums begin to pummel and crash in a noise cyclone at the hilt.

The effect is also strong on “No Talking,” one of the album’s most standout offerings. But just like an autumn rain, “We’re Fucked” isn’t all hard-driving and brash. When it’s not drenching you in sound, it’s soothing and gentle as the gray clouds that loom overhead. For proper enjoyment of this album, put on a pot of tea, sit back and watch out the window as the world decays.


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