Dempsey’s debut is a retro delight

Dempsey is a synth-pop duo comprised of “two old time best friends who’ve played music together for years,” according to their Bandcamp page.

Niels Pedersen and Adam Abildgaard’s self-titled six-song debut digs into the ’80s for its bouncing bass grooves and shimmying electro-rhythms. The sounds combine with the more modern effect of auto-tuned vocals for something a little less predictable.

Just a glance at the album cover’s colors and a listen to its old-school vibes is likely to whisk you back to a youth filled with “My Little Pony” and “Lady Lovely Locks,” which in itself is an automatic reason to snatch this one up. But the fact that it’s available on a “name your price” basis basically gives you no good reason to refuse. (For all intents and purposes, this sucker’s free, friends!)

The music sounds like it’s coming straight off an old cassette tape that’s been properly loved to the edge of its life. “Flashback” plays through with some strategically placed distortion and “When We Were Younger” wouldn’t be at all out of place at a roller rink birthday party. Just in case you needed any more reason to get your hands on some Dempsey, look no further than Exhibit C:

They got all naked for you. The least you could do is download their tunes.


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