Gutevolk Will Melt Your Heart, Whether You Understand What She Says Or Not

I don’t know much about Gutevolk. A quick Googling has told me that Gutevolk is the moniker chosen by singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist Hirono Nishiyama but that’s the extent of my Gutevolk knowledge. After seeing the video for their song “Picnic,” however, I want to find out more about the delightfully twee project and fast because Gutevolk just might be the most darling things I’ve discovered this year and the clip for “Picnic” is just as visually heartwarming as the image results when you Google “cutest kitten ever.”

Admittedly, “Picnic” is the only Gutevolk song I’ve heard thus far but the vibe — Which takes the cuteness of Camera Obscura‘s sunnier songs and combines it with the oddities of Bjork‘s more accessible moments, all the while being completely inaudible, lyrics-wise — appeals to my better nature. Plus, the video features two fashion-forward Asian pixies having a magical romp in a Japanese house. How can you not love Gutevolk already?

Gutevolk – Picnic

2 Comments to “Gutevolk Will Melt Your Heart, Whether You Understand What She Says Or Not”

  1. I wanted to watch this video, I really did. But unfortunately I clicked on that link for “cutest kitten ever” and I can’t look away.

  2. The video is from the brand Tabio, a slideshow of their products! Love Gutevolk.


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