Grab a free album by Dillon Warnek and help him release a new one!

Straight outta my hometown of Redmond, Wash., Dillon Warnek was brought to my attention earlier this year by a fellow folk-loving friend of mine.

Warnek’s 2010 album, “Idaho,” is a fun collection of 10 songs drawing from bluegrass and folk tradition. In addition to his sweet acoustic licks are the sounds of fiddle, banjo and drums, to name a few. He easily bends notes on “One Hundred Milk Cows for Mary” and breaks out a country waltz rhythm for “Hard Luck Soul (Lord, Lord, Lord).” “Maiden By the Creek” almost makes me wanna put on my dancin’ pants (I don’t actually have pants designated for dancing; I was speaking figuratively).

Another important thing to note about Warnek is that he’s aiming to release his next album, “A Stranger Here,” in November. He’s set up a Kickstarter fund to get it going, so if you like what you hear of “Idaho,” consider throwing a few bucks his way to help out. As always, there are some incentives depending on how much you donate, so check it out and get your hands on the new album when it’s finally released!


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