Vandervelde has a Fling across the West Coast

When David Vandervelde isn’t terrorizing poor little kitties*, he’s making super sweet music and then playing it for people who love super sweet music.

It makes sense that Blitzen Trapper once covered Vandervelde’s song, “Murder in Michigan,” because the band definitely shares a common sound with him. However, often when I hear Vandervelde’s music, my mind goes farther back to the various rock styles of America (the band), Big Star (the band) and the Band (the band). In addition to his albums, get your hands on his Daytrotter sessions here and here for your ultimate listening pleasure.

His October 2011 tour takes him up the West Coast, including stops in California, Oregon, Washington and Colorado. For my Seattle readers, this means you’d better mark down Oct. 24 at the Tractor Tavern on your calendar, because you’ll want to see this guy.

And what a wonderful fortune it is that Vandervelde’s tourmates are The Fling, a California band I’ve never before heard of. These fellas already look the part of a pack of dudes who play instruments and sleep in a van, and they sound FANTASTIC, not totally unlike Vandervelde himself. It didn’t take long for me to snatch up a copy of their 2010 album, “When The Madhouses Appear,” after hearing about this tour.

David Vandervelde with The Fling tour dates:
Oct. 18: Soda Bar, San Diego, Calif.
Oct. 19: The Echo, Los Angeles, Calif.
Oct. 20: Bottom of the Hill, San Francisco, Calif.
Oct. 21: The Crepe Place, Santa Cruz, Calif.
Oct. 22: Red Fox Tavern, Eureka, Ore.
Oct. 23: Doug Fir Lounge, Portland, Ore.
Oct. 24: The Tractor Tavern, Seattle, Wash.
Oct. 26: Larimer Lounge, Denver, Colo.

*Relax, he doesn’t ACTUALLY terrorize kitties. Except for the one in that picture. Probably. Maybe. Just that one time.


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