Music For The Machismo

I cannot begin to explain to you how much I miss the Pacific Northwest music scene. The bands that have caught my attention have held it in their capable grasp for over 20 years now. From my early teens, with bands such as Small who were my first live show in Wenatchee, Wash. I was entranced in their dirty sound and beautiful, meaningful lyrics. It was the summer I turned 14. My cousin Mia worked at a skate shop called the Wango Tango and I spent alot of time hanging out in there,  meeting people, listening to music and of course skating.  I still own the CD I bought at that show and listen to it all the time. The sound just works for me and it still does to this day. So I apologize now for this Seattle fluff piece, bear with me. You’ll thank me later.

Nowadays, I still watch the Seattle music scene closely even though I live 2,316 miles away. I am thankful for bloggers like Nik Christofferson “theseattlerockguy” that are in the trenches damn near every night writing and shooting video of these amazing emerging bands in the Seattle area. Just to name a couple, and I think they deserve a bit of your time, He Whose Ox Is Gored and Serial Hawk. (I am actually working on interviews with these two great bands here soon, so stay tuned.)

But back to the premise. By chance, I heard of a band hitting the Seattle scene with such force and an amazing sound, I had to share them with you. Wildildlife. I sat back and listened to their song “Give In To Live” so many times I lost track of the time. The opening seconds of the song are like nails on a chalkboard, just grinding at your senses. The opening riff opens up and leaves you wondering just what the hell these guys are doing. Then hits you right in the face with amazing ’80s glam metal-style guitar playing,  the double bass rolls through you and moves the song into overdrive. You’ll instantly grow a mullet and drive a beat-up Camaro.  Summer may be over, but with a sound like this, it shouldn’t be. I want to walk into a sleazy bar, play these guys on the Jukebox, drink Miller High Life, play pool and fight. It is just that macho and I’m the furthest thing from this kind of machismo. I’m a down-to-earth environmental worker who loves Patsy Cline and snuggling. Listening to these three guys is like a testosterone shot to the brain. Hard and fast, with just enough grit to make you think things are just about to fall apart. But they never do and the music keeps you hanging on for more.



One Comment to “Music For The Machismo”

  1. Wildildlife? I think you mean to write about WILDLIFE, thank you very much.


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