In A World Of My Own: Abby’s Proper Life As A Loner

As long as we’re equating ourselves to characters from Disney movies, Amber Valentine, I’ve got one of my own.

There are many reasons I identify with Alice in Wonderland. She has blonde hair, she talks to cats, she gives herself very good advice (but very seldom follows it) and even in her fantasy world she’s an outcast. Besides that, Alice’s story isn’t about finding love; it’s about finding belonging. That’s MY story, you guys!

No matter how old I get, the struggle stays the same. I make connections all over the world, but despite all my friends and supporters, I still don’t feel like I fit. I pass on really great guys because I think there’s always some other girl who is more right for them. I’ve never met any person who I thought I was the rightest for. That’s not to say I don’t like boys and pursue them anyway, which has been a horrible compulsion dating back to preschool. I think boy craziness was just something I was born with.

BUT ANYWAY, in case the mix doesn’t spell it all out for you (and it won’t because I couldn’t find any songs about Disneyland), this is me in a nutshell: I am a loner, a pescetarian, an excellent driver, fiscally responsible and addicted to daydreams. I love kitties, pie, sushi, Disneyland, rainstorms, stars and kissing boys. I have a stuffed panda named Squish and sleep on a futon. My toenails grow upward. I think iCarly is one of the best TV shows ever made. I will only marry if it can be to Batman. I have a tattoo of a corpse on my back and keep Halloween decorations up all year round. My mom says I’m morbid. I take it as a compliment.

In A World Of My Own: Abby’s Proper Life As A Loner

Lone Wolf – Eels
“I am a lone wolf/ I always was and will be/ I feel fine/ I am resigned to this.”

In My Room – The Beach Boys
“In this world I lock out all my worries and my fears.”

Nervous Lonely Night – Jessica Lea Mayfield
“Feels like every day I’m in love with someone new/ But I don’t have the nerve to follow through.”

Ramble On – Led Zeppelin
“Mine’s a tale that can’t be told/ My freedom I hold dear.”

I Love a Rainy Night – Eddie Rabbitt
“I love to hear the thunder/ Watch the lightnin’ when it lights up the sky/ You know it makes me feel good.”

Window Shopping – Hank Williams
“You give away your kisses/ But you never give your heart.”

Queen Bee – Neil Halstead
“You always were the one who had the time to say no.”

Someday Soon – Gin Blossoms
“Someday soon/ Gonna sail a big blue ocean/ Gonna cause a big commotion.”

Another Brick Falls – Debbie Gibson
“I think of all I’ve done and said/ But it is never quite enough/ Life will always be a little tough.”

Wolf Slaying as a Hobby – Stepdad
“Now every time I get a little brave/ it bends me out of shape/ Every time I catch a little break/ I’m dying to escape.”

Every Day is Halloween – Ministry
“Well, I live with snakes and lizards/ And other things that go bump in the night/ ‘Cause to me, every day is Halloween.”

The Lady Don’t Mind – Talking Heads
“She just turns her head and disappears/ and I kinda like that style.”

2 Comments to “In A World Of My Own: Abby’s Proper Life As A Loner”

  1. Oh Abby! I love that you have Every Day is Halloween on here. And sometime, when we meet in person, I have to see that tattoo.

  2. That picture! Oh my goodness, you’re such a genius!


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