Pick up Wolf’s pack of songs at Bandcamp for free

Wolf Larsen (if that IS her real name, because, seriously, cool name!) is releasing an album this year, from what I gather. A debut, even! This is what I’ve learned from what little information can be found about the indie-folk musician on the Internet. Of course, my search began because I discovered Larsen’s Bandcamp page and can’t stop swooning over her seven-plus-minute song “If I Be Wrong.”

Considering the prevalent strings section, this music breaches into chamber-pop territory, but with her softened Paula Cole vocals and minimalistic demeanor, it’s certainly not your average chamber-pop. Foremost, Larsen is a folk artist, pairing only husky voice and guitar for “Two Doves” and much of “Jedi.”

Four songs on “Quiet at the Kitchen Door” are currently available for the low, low price of nothing at the Bandcamp page, but it was only three songs last week, and maybe it’ll be a full album by Dec. 13, 2011, the specified release date at the bottom of the page. Until then, this will keep you pretty well occupied.


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