Eye Of The Beholder: A Quick Look Into A Robot’s Psyche

Oh, introductions. Hi, I’m Scott, aka Robots Made Man, aka Eman Laerton, aka “that one guy”. This is my first assignment … ever.  I am to compile a playlist of music that would define me, showing you, the reader, a glimpse into what makes me “tick.” Easier said than done right?  Maybe so and maybe not. You be the judge.

Music for me, before I think I could even remember, was important. My first memory of music was singing “Shake Your Booty”  in Montessori school and dancing on the table. Needless to say the independence of that school was taxed by my “free will” and shaking rump, 4 feet off the ground! (Dial soap does not taste good for those who were wondering the outcome of my flamboyance) But that memory is so important to me because music was defining the rebel in me; who I would eventually become as a teenager, as an adult.

I suppose I should touch base on what I’m actually doing here. I don’t have a music blogger background, you won’t find any witty reviews written by me out there and I certainly am the odd man out in this collection of amazing people that is Hearingade. I do love music. I can be seen now in small venues all over Houston and Austin almost every weekend and when the band is too good to miss on the weekdays. I love live music. I could certainly sit inside listening to records and enjoying a nice Scotch or bourbon. But I like to be out there, rubbing elbows with the fans, being a fan and seeing a band’s dynamics onstage. So I guess this is where I may step up and write about live shows. Big and small. This weekend is Incubus, then upcoming shows will be the Meat Puppets, the Black Angels, Minus the Bear and Portugal. The Man. Obviously a few of these bands are well known and a few may be still under your radar. That is what Hearingade is here for: to get you in the know. But back to the assignment …

Music moves you, opens you up in ways you will not or cannot allow others to do. No one can ever take that from you. There is a separation of one’s self in music, for it is only you who can associate music with life. We all have our soundtracks, those moments in time were a song or an album is the predominate memory for a time in one’s life. I could have made a playlist 100 songs deep and not even begin to touch on the songs and/or bands that have influenced me in my numerous years on this planet. So I made a quick look into me, now, today.


Robots Made Man, aka Eman Laerton, aka “that one guy” aka Scott M. Hofheins


1) Russian Circles “Fathom”

2) He Whose Ox Is Gored “Cloven Hoof”

3) Alain Johannes “Endless Eyes”

4) Roy “Something That’s Real”

5) Love, Anna “Carley Sparks”

6) Minus the Bear “Monkey!!! Knife!!! Fight!!!”

7) Fleetwood Mac “Gypsy”

8) Mini Mansions “Monk”

9) These Arms Are Snakes “Horse Girl”

10) Portugal. The Man “How The Leopard Got Its Spots”

11) Serial Hawk “Tribute”

12) Russian Circles “Station”

A Day In The Life Of The Robot.zip

2 Comments to “Eye Of The Beholder: A Quick Look Into A Robot’s Psyche”

  1. I could have put a few Fleetwood Mac songs in there! Or Patsy Cline.


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