Fleet Foxes Continue To Be Perfect And The Walkmen Rule While Amber Sucks At Life

The other night, Fleet Foxes played a concert a few blocks away from my house and naturally I was supposed to be there. I totally spaced about it though until my friend messaged me on Facebook, lamenting the fact that he wasn’t there and suddenly, I realized that I wasn’t there either! Shoot! But, I mean, it worked out okay because instead, I got to sit in my basement and listen to Helplessness Blues, Fleet Foxes’s latest revelation of a record. Oh, wait. I guess it didn’t really work out okay, did it?

Fleet Foxes – It Ain’t Me Babe (Bob Dylan Cover)

For me, Fleet Foxes were the only band worth catching at the giant shit-fest that was 2010’s Lollapalooza. Live, this band is truly magical, recreating their lush album sound near perfectly. I don’t know if you’ve listened to Helplessness Blues yet. I didn’t listen to it too much until recently which was a shame because it’s such a beautiful album. If you haven’t given it your attention, I highly recommend that you do. And you should probably do so right now.

Helplessness Blues sort of seems like the audible equivalent of an epic fantasy novel but maybe I just think that because Fleet Foxes remind me of music that would totally be playing in the Shire if, you know, real-sized men could play a rock and roll concert there. And also if the Shire were real. Basically, the band’s latest has me convinced that Robin Pecknold is not only quite possibly the perfect man but also is the male version of Joanna Newsom, only with a beanie instead of “dat ass”. Helplessness Blues is the masterpiece that I desperately wanted Newsom’s triple-disc album Have One On Me to be. Only instead of drowning in its ambition, Pecknold and his foxy friends flourish. The results are one of the most beautiful albums of the year, for sure.

To salt the wound, you know who was playing that aforementioned show with Fleet Foxes a few blocks away from my house? The Walkmen. You know who I love even more than Fleet Foxes? The Walkmen! Although, truth be told, it might be for the best that I didn’t see Hamilton “Dreamiest Frontman Ever” Leithauser hit Michigan because my last Walkmen concert-going experience was one of the most perfect moments of my life. I’ve had a crush on Hamilton since I was 17 so getting to drunkenly slur at him in a barn in Iowa after Daytrotter‘s epic Barn On The 4th of July show was a dream come true! Well, it was a dream come true for me at least. I’m pretty sure Hamilton, while a perfect gentlemen, was thinking something along the lines of “Does her beer bottle have whiskey in it? Goodness, I wish this drunk girl would get away from me.”

The Walkmen – Victory


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