Archie Powell & the Exports have made an album and now are hungry

The first thing I’m going to do when I get Archie Powell & the Exports‘ new album is buy it dinner. Then I’m gonna take it home and rub it all over my naked body. Then I will gently insert it into my CD slot and lay back as it penetrates me hard … in my ears.

I’ve heard little tidbits of what’s in store on the band’s second record and suffice it to say my band crush on them is beyond justified. It’s good. Listen to “Skip Work” first, but know that the Archie Powell & the Exports that you’ll be hearing next will make your ovaries go pitter-pat like they never have before. EVEN IF YOU DON’T HAVE OVARIES.

But this isn’t about that, because that’s still a ways off. What THIS is about is that through the process of creating this album — this thing whose babies I’d have were that even possible (is it possible?) — the boys have spent all their funds and have NO MONEY for burritos. If you can find it in your heart to help these poor rock stars out, they may even live to make a THIRD RECORD, and you will be glad you helped out this fine cause.

Donate a little or a lot! A little gets you a little treat in the mail; a lot may get you an exclusive spot at their table where you will not only enjoy burritos together but also make a super sweet song and video about the experience, granted you live in the Chicago area or are able to travel there.

Everything Archie Powell & the Exports do is the most amazing thing ever, so you will not regret putting money toward the cause of this video being made. YOU WILL NOT. I wouldn’t be saying this if I didn’t really believe it. See for yourself:


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