Amber’s Lust For Life, Orchestrated By Girls

Hi, Hearingade-rs! My name’s Amber Valentine. You may know me as Radio Free Chicago‘s missing in action editor in chief, Mezzic‘s most long winded reviewer, the professor of Okkervil River-ology at Indie College, or as Awe Chasm‘s resident expert on all things indie. Perhaps you ventured to the great Midwest during one of Daytrotter‘s many great Barnstormer tours and you encountered me while I did time as the world’s least sober intern. Or maybe you just read Abby’s twitter and you see her many tweets mentioning @amberaudra. Those, amongst many other things, are my claims to fame.

My life consists of rocking and rolling, drinking and smoking, and sending Hearingade’s fearless showrunner some drunk texts that may or may not end up on the internet for you to chuckle at. When I’m not slutting it up with the cutest musician in the room, however, I’m sitting in my basement, listening to music loud enough to make my neighbors shut their windows, singing along at the top of my lungs, and thinking “Oh my god, this song describes my life perfectly!” In a series of articles here on Hearingade, I’ll share some of these songs with you and then tell you just why it’s so apt for my life, thus combining my two favorite things to write about: Music and myself.

2011 has been a weird year for me. After some serious heartbreaks, I got so sad that I couldn’t possibly get any sadder but instead of giving up and dying, I managed to realize that life, for all of it’s supreme shitiness, can really rule. Since that moment of realization, I’ve been living it up with a lust for life that can only be orchestrated by the Girls song of the same name.

Girls – Lust For Life

For a while, I was so consumed with how awesome life is, just happy to be alive after being so dead for so long, that I couldn’t want for anything. After a few months of living life like I was Ke$ha, however, I realized that I did want more and all the things on my life wishlist were exactly the things that Girls wanted too: A boyfriend, a father, a pizza, to name a few. And it’s all orchestrated to some of the jangliest guitar this side of the 1960s!

“Lust For Life” appeals to the better nature of any music lover with a keen ear for the catchy. Musically, it’s got it all; Handclaps, oh’s, an easy and familiar melody, and that aforementioned jangle. For me, though, it’s the atypical lyrics that charm the most. Gender bending abounds and the prominent use of the f-word mean that, sadly, this song can’t get played as much I’d like it to be in Castle Valentine because I’m a nanny by day and George Carlin’s words you can’t say on TV can’t be said in front of the 10 and under crowd either. That spicy language just makes “Lust For Life” appeal to me all the more, however, because I don’t know if you know, readers, but I have a mouth that would make a sailor blush. Plus, the video looks just like an average night in the life of Amber Valentine!

2 Comments to “Amber’s Lust For Life, Orchestrated By Girls”

  1. Fantastic! Love this – both the words and the song. <3


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